Media training

Our approach to media training is focused on explaining how the media operates and what motivates a journalist, which leads to less confrontational and more effective engagement with the media. Each workshop is highly tailored to the needs of our clients, thoroughly researched and conducted by ex-journalists.

Speaker training

Our speaker training aims to help executives prepare and make effective presentations. Whether an executive is making a keynote speech to hundreds of people, participating on a panel or making a pitch to a small group, we work with individuals to ensure that they make the most out of the opportunity and reach their goals.

Investor relations training

We provide basic investor relations training to new IR teams, for example following a company’s IPO, and advanced training for IROs who are looking to deliver global best practice to their investors. From how to set up an IR programme through to working with new technologies, our coaching helps them to tackle the challenges and achieve their objectives.

Crisis communications training

We specialise in preparation: helping companies identify potential issues before they arise, ensuring watertight processes are already in place and preparing people to act swiftly and calmly to mitigate the circumstances. We can help companies develop manuals detailing escalation and response procedures and we can conduct practice runs using highly realistic simulations where executives face hostile journalists, employees or investors and stress test the procedures and messages.