Citigate Dewe Rogerson’s 11th Annual IR Survey

Citigate Dewe Rogerson announces its 11th Annual IR Survey, based on responses from 479 Investor Relations Officers at leading companies across the world.

Below are highlights for Asia Pacific:

Mounting pressure regarding corporate governance

IROs in Asia Pacific are among the most satisfied globally when it comes to their chairperson’s relationship with top 10 shareholders. However, their companies are under pressure from investors regarding long-term strategy, board composition and management succession.

Recognising the rising threat of activism

IROs in Asia Pacific feel more at a risk of an activist approach and are therefore increasing efforts to prepare a response strategy.

Lack of proactive investor targeting

IR teams in the region are the least proactive when it comes to targeting potential investors and more likely to spend more time attending broker-hosted conferences which require minimal effort in this respect.

Their engagement with passive investors is also rising at a slower rate versus the global average.

However, IR teams in Asia Pacific are marginally better at leveraging technological tools for investor relations and plan to make greater use of technology over the coming year.

Attracting a fair share of sell and buy side attention

Companies in Asia Pacific are faring somewhat better when it comes to both quantity and quality of sell-side research written on their company versus the global average.

They are also attracting a substantial share of buy side attention.

Enhancing guidance

Companies in Asia Pacific are more inclined to make changes to their approach to guidance, aiming to provide more qualitative guidance and additional qualitative metrics going forward.

However, they are less likely to share analyst consensus externally compared to their counterparts in other regions.

Annual and sustainability reporting in focus

IR teams in Asia Pacific are more focused on improving annual reports and results releases but less so on upgrading the IR section of their website. Compared with global peers, IR teams in Asia Pacific are planning to place less emphasis on refining their investment case over the coming year.

Companies in the region more widely integrate non-financial information across their information materials and are ahead of the curve when it comes to referencing these on company websites, results materials, investor presentations and company factsheets.

IR function measured on share price as well as market feedback

While nearly all IR teams in the region use market feedback as a key criterion for measuring their performance, they are more likely to also be assessed based on quantitative measures outside their control, such as share price performance and volatility.

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