Bring it on!

Seize the day! ANTA Sports’ Investor Day engaged with over 500 investors and analysts

ANTA Sports’ Investor Day 2019 engaged with over 500 investors and analysts

Investor Days are an essential part of any proactive investor relations programme, a great opportunity to update the investment community on the strategy and direction of a company.  For the past four years CDR has been organising annual Investor Days for ANTA Sports Products Limited, one of the world’s largest sportswear companies, which is listed in Hong Kong.

ANTA Sports initiated its globalization strategy and finalized the acquisition of Amer Sports in early 2019.  The company used the Investor Day as a platform to introduce Amer’s senior management team to the investment community and to communicate the investment story for ANTA Sports as a global enterprise, while showcasing the group’s complete brand portfolio. CDR worked closely with ANTA Sports, from developing the theme to staging the event, handling all the logistics arrangements down to finest detail. With the theme “Bring it on”, the half-day event received an overwhelming response, attracting about 500 investors and analysts and enabling  fruitful and informative interaction.