Corporate/ Consumer Account Manager

Principal Responsibilities

  • Manage client accounts
  • Coach junior staff
  • Support AD, acting as ‘second in command’
  • Fulfil new business responsibilities
  • Continue to develop media relations and digital PR skills

PR and client

  • Provide general PR counsel at appropriate levels within the client base
  • Maintain day to day relationships with client contacts
  • Create press releases, case studies, online material, articles, white papers, surveys and other similar content with minimal supervision, which require only minor editing from the AD
  • Ensure that features tracking is implemented effectively across the team
  • Build and maintain relationships with journalists across a range of publications.
  • Discuss issues and facts with client and the media, displaying knowledge, enthusiasm and authority in client's business area
  • Demonstrate industry knowledge and understanding of client and its culture. Use this to be a more effective PR professional
  • Look for new ways to provide added value to clients and constantly revitalise client engagements
  • Create and convert new business opportunities. Engage in other new business activities with directors and ADs as necessary, suggest and implement ideas.
  • Understand how digital and other tactics fit into overall PR programmes and be able to sell new ideas into clients
  • Develop specialist industry knowledge or PR skill
  • Read the business section of a national/broadsheet newspaper every day
  • Have a good knowledge of digital platforms and tools such as buzz monitoring, blog publishing software, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn etc


  • Take a constant overview of accounts on which you are the principal point of contact and ensure that the team meets their client commitments
  • Plan own work and meet all commitments, prioritise work well and meet (and where possible, exceed) agreed deliverables
  • Must have the flexibility to cope with interruptions to planned work
  • Be able to take on board and respond to feedback from managers
  • Train, manage and support nominated Senior Account Executives and Account Executives day to day
  • Manage career development of nominated SAEs and AEs – make recommendations for training
  • Be able to suggest solutions to staff or client problems when they arise
  • Demonstrate understanding of business principles and issues (e.g. account profitability, team structures)
  • Understand billing procedure at CDR
  • Demonstrate effective delegation skills and learn motivational techniques

Communications and relationships

  • Be able to deliver prepared presentations and handle questions with confidence and robustness
  • Forge and maintain relationships with colleagues at your level across the Huntsworth group and its partners
  • Work to extend those relationships to others within the company
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